Pratt & Whitney Client Testimonials


     "I had talked with a number of colleagues who were clients of AdviceOne regarding their practice and the feedback received was always consistent and positive. The fact that most AdviceOne clients worked for United Technologies Corporation (now RTX), was a plus as AdviceOne was very familiar with how our corporate 401(k) worked.
     Do we trust that AdviceOne has our best interests in mind, and makes decisions that positions us to attain our personal financial goals? The answer is yes, without a doubt. The decision to retire could not have been made without their assistance. They ultimately made early retirement possible before age 58.
     All the employees at AdviceOne have been professional and great to work with including the Client Liaisons who play an important role in the daily operations of AdviceOne.
We are nearing our 10-year anniversary since our first meeting with AdviceOne and look forward to a long and strong relationship with them as we enjoy retirement."

- Jim Apicello, retired, IT, Pratt & Whitney


     “I made the decision to have my 401(k) managed by a professional investment firm and AdviceOne came highly recommended by several colleagues. Tim Miller, backed by a dedicated staff of professionals, has done an outstanding job and has treated myself and my wife with the greatest of professionalism.
     I truly respect the degree of transparency, genuine interest in our retirement goals, investment philosophy and overall performance, especially during downturns in the market. The firm regularly meets both in group settings and personally to communicate market conditions and adjustments in investment strategies. They navigated the Covid pandemic, both in terms of investing and in effectively communicating, despite the many challenges on both fronts. They come with my highest recommendation.”

Greg Bond, Military Engines, Pratt & Whitney


     “During a 40+ year career at Pratt & Whitney, my involvement afforded me the opportunity to observe multiple world class organizations. AdviceOne shares many characteristics common to these organizations. Two are robust processes designed to deliver results and state-of-the art technologies that allow easy tracking of key metrics. The third, and most important, is people. The staff at AdviceOne is professional, competent, and responsive.
     They are extremely literate in the retirement plan for UTC (now RTC) and have offered expert investment guidance for the assets I’ll need to last the rest of my life. I am very pleased with how AdviceOne operates and recommend their services without hesitation.”

- John Zavodjancik, retired, Program Quality, Pratt & Whitney


     "One of the best decisions my wife and I have ever made was attending an AdviceOne Retirement Empowerment Workshop over 8 years ago. We are now happily retired with finances all in order and with an ongoing investment plan for our future. We were extremely hesitant about retiring early and AdviceOne helped us solidify our decision. We would highly recommend AdviceOne to anybody who does not have a retirement plan and needs expert guidance and support. We feel AdviceOne truly cares about our family, our finances, and our future. We have never regretted our decision."

- Steve Jandreau, retired, Digital Technology, Pratt & Whitney


     “The entire team at AdviceOne is a group of dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable in helping with retirement planning.
     Their commitment to every client stands out with their communication, emails, phone calls, meetings and webinars. They take the time needed to make sure every client understands the entire process, understands the costs, offering expertise in the decision-making process.
     Retirement planning can be very difficult and complicated; AdviceOne makes it much easier to comprehend.”

- John Teti, retired, Procurement, Pratt & Whitney


     "I have been a client of Tim Miller and AdviceOne for over 10 years. They have demonstrated exemplary client service, and provided me with sound professional financial advice. I was directed to their business by a respected friend and colleague with whom I shared an interest in securing a financial planner. I have gotten so much more. Tim and his team are focused on my individual plan for financial security and retirement and operating the ins and outs of the Executive stock options and compensation.
     At our initial meetings we discussed my future financial goals and took a frank look at my portfolio. Tim and I also discussed my past financial planning landscape and challenges, which helped him understand my decision-making process. He then used this to identify opportunities to grow my investments.
     I am somewhat of a conservative investor, and at no time did Tim try to drive outcomes outside of my comfort zone or suggest options that do not align with my future financial plans. I value most the individualized planning, expertise and knowledge of the team to ensure that we meet my financial goals. I have found the AdviceOne team to be a trustworthy partner, an advocate for their clients and importantly, providers of sound financial advice that meet my family’s future needs for retirement and asset planning."

- Dionne Henry, Executive, Engineering Quality, Pratt & Whitney


     “AdviceOne has provided expert retirement planning for us. They recommended a portfolio structure that provides lifetime income. The portfolio manages market and inflation risk with consideration to tax implications. The portfolio structure manages the income stream required to live comfortably. They always listen and tailor the plan to meet our individual needs and risk tolerance. They also made sound recommendations to take advantage of IRA, Roth IRA and other income managing options that are outside the 401(k).”

- Bill Hastings, retired, Engine Design & Systems Integration, Pratt & Whitney


     "My experience with AdviceOne has been nothing short of exceptional. We started working with AdviceOne in our early 50s to create a plan with options to retire. This included a complete review of our existing assets, 401K plans, and goals for retirement. With their expertise and thoughtful consideration of our goals, they optimized our investment strategies. We’ve been so impressed with the expertise, attention to detail, and genuine interest in creating and handling our financial plan. Particularly reassuring is the integrity of our dealings with Carlos Henriques and the team. We’ve retired with confidence in large part because of the execution of the financial plan we created with AdviceOne."

- John Parke, retired, Program Office, Pratt & Whitney


     "My wife and I have been clients of AdviceOne for over 8 years. They quickly became a trusted partner in our retirement and financial planning process. They do not tell you what to do; they teach you about their philosophy and make sure you understand what they are doing and why they are doing it. Numerous times over the years when a large financial decision is pending, we would reach out to our advisor, Tim Miller, to get his unbiased opinion of what we are trying to do, and he has provided the guidance needed to help us make decisions. You are told your entire life to save for retirement, but no one tells you how to start using what you saved to help fund your retirement. Knowing we have a financial partner to help with that guidance provides a great sense of relief."

- Jeff Sabourin, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney


     "We began working with AdviceOne about two years before retirement. The workshops they provide are informative and engaging. The individual planning sessions helped us consolidate our assets and make wise decisions about our future. The AdviceOne team worked to understand our goals and level of risk tolerance developing an investment plan that meets our needs. Now that we are retired, we have been grateful for the proactive ways they have communicated with us as our needs, the economy, and tax laws change. If there is one thing I would change, it would be to have started working with AdviceOne about 10 years earlier."

- Janet Wade-Utay, retired, Quality, Pratt & Whitney


     "My wife and I started working with Dani Wrubel at AdviceOne in 2020 and we are very happy with our decision. Dani has been amazing to work with and the entire staff at AdviceOne have been extremely cordial and helpful.
     Dani helped us create a retirement plan that allowed us to understand the timing of when each of us can retire and ensure that we have the proper nest egg to allow us to live a comfortable lifestyle within our means. She has guided us on the steps we needed to take over the next several years to meet our plan goals and we have made numerous changes to our retirement strategies as a result.
     Through her guidance, we set up our estate planning which was long overdue. This is a great relief now that this is in place.
     Quite frankly, we had no idea of how to properly plan our retirement and figure out if we had enough money saved to live comfortably without running out too soon. Thanks to Dani, we are sleeping much better knowing that we have a good plan with the right level of conservatism built in. I would strongly encourage anyone to solicit the help of AdviceOne."

- Tony Papale, Executive, Pratt & Whitney


     "It is really refreshing to work with a financial advisor who is truly interested in their client’s needs, circumstances and preferences.
     Bria works with integrity to provide her clients with sound financial advice, guidance and personal retirement expectations. Her up-to-date expertise in the financial sector creates a trust that is rare to find.
     The Client Liaison Team is always contactable, courteous and helpful.
     I have recommended a number of my friends to AdviceOne, and they also are very happy with the services they have received. We highly recommend AdviceOne and look forward to many more years working with Bria."

- Bill Nelson, F135 Technical Publications (MCS&S), Pratt & Whitney


     “My wife and I have been clients of AdviceOne LLC since 2016. With an aggressive goal of achieving retirement by our mid 50s we knew it was very important to get sound professional advice and guidance.
     Our experience with Carlos Henriques has been fantastic. He is knowledgeable, professional, personable, and calm in a sea of uncertainty. He takes complex financial topics and breaks them down into easily understandable terms. He not only is a trusted resource for retirement planning but for all major life decisions as they relate to finance. He has turned into a very trusted member of our extended family.”

- Rich Winquist, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul, Pratt & Whitney


     "After a 40-year career at Pratt & Whitney, I was offered the opportunity to take an early retirement. Naturally, one of the concerns my wife and I had was whether we were financially prepared for this next step in our lives. And after meeting with AdviceOne and going through their methodical approach, they put our minds at ease. We are very satisfied with our decision to trust them with our financial future. Michael Grossman has put together a highly qualified, dedicated team. Bria Comer feels like she’s part of the family, and she’s always there to give straightforward expert guidance."

- Steve Brozek, retired, Group Quality, Pratt & Whitney


     "I am very comfortable knowing Tim is overseeing my financial assets. He is a very knowledgeable and attentive financial advisor, but also very personable and easy-going.Tim has also been invaluable in navigating me through many important financial decisions throughout our 10+ years together. I very much consider Tim as my financial partner and highly recommend him." 

- Matt Dawson, Commercial Engines, Pratt & Whitney


     “Long before my retirement date, I sought an investment firm that would listen carefully to my life plans (basically to retire as early as possible) and work with us to make this dream a reality.
     Over those pre-retirement years to the present moment, AdviceOne has professionally been there every step of the way. The trust we’ve built with them is immeasurable. We will be growing old with AdviceOne.”

- Jack Lynch, retired, Materials and Processes, Pratt & Whitney


     "Carlos Henriques has made our financial situation feel secure. Since 2014 he has provided us with advice on many issues concerning taxes, estate planning and navigating how to transition to retirement. We really appreciate AdviceOne’s approach to investing being very logical while not succumbing to the ups and downs of the markets. Their equity allocations and approach to the balance between equities and income make sense and they explain them well.
     But the most important part of our relationship is Carlos’ attention, availability and willingness to explain things to us. We’re looking forward to many more years with AdviceOne."

- John McBride, retired, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney


     "The AdviceOne Retirement Planning system is very logical, straightforward and different from others, and it has provided my wife and I the confidence in our financial future allowing us to further enjoy our lives.
     AdviceOne begins all meetings by asking if you have any questions and answering them first. They emphasize Spousal participation and understand the Raytheon Employee 401(k) Platform better than anyone.
     The team is extremely polite, respectful and professional. It’s worth your time to attend one of their free Retirement Empowerment workshops. It is a pleasure doing business with AdviceOne."

- Glenn Gruber, retired, Commercial Engines, Pratt & Whitney



     "My wife and I highly recommend AdviceOne for retirement planning. They were able to help connect the dots, make a holistic plan and enable us to reap benefits from financial tools. Their experience with large corporate benefits packages (RTX in particular) was especially helpful in setting the stage for and planning in a multi-year format, making it easier to manage prior to retirement."

- Jeff Smith, Executive, Production for Military Engines, Pratt & Whtiney


     "My wife and I have known Carlos Henriques since I retired from Pratt & Whitney after 41 years as an engineer and international partnership manager in 2013. We regard him as our trusted fiduciary to manage our investment portfolio and as a financial coach. His most notable leadership skill is his organized approach of listening to my wife and me to gain an understanding of our financial needs. Carlos has always helped us to make balanced decisions for long-term planning and near-term requirements. His financial leadership has consistently provided us with financial results that complement our retirement lifestyle."

- Ed Armstrong, retired, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney


     "What sold me on AdviceOne was the significant amount of time Tim Miller and Michael Grossman spent getting to know my wife and I, our family, financial situation and our retirement goals - without any "hard sell." As a result, we jointly developed and executed a plan over the past 6-plus years that has simplified our investments and focused on long-term security for our family. In addition, AdviceOne has intimate familiarity with both the RTX 401(K) and UBS Stock Option systems which has proven beneficial. Tim Miller has become a trusted family advisor and has provided financial guidance on every recent major financial decision and is always available for consultation."

- Steve Rogers, retired Executive, Operations and Supply Chain, Pratt & Whitney


     "We signed up with AdviceOne to help us plan our retirement timing and to make sure we were making good decisions with wealth management through the transition. It turned out we got so much more from them. They provide frequent seminars for pre-and post-retirement planning, IRS and Roth strategies, as well as updates on market outlooks - very welcomed during the recent turbulence.
     Recently, we received an IRS notice stating we owed a substantial amount of unpaid taxes and penalties. Michael and Carlos personally worked with us and the IRS to assure they corrected the error and closed the investigation. This level of client service is rare in today’s environment and is very appreciated!"

- Jon Gould, retired Executive, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney


     "My wife Missy and I have been working with Tim Miller and AdviceOne since 2015. We value our relationship and what has become a predictable rhythm of talking about life goals and financial goals and discussing options within a clear and informed framework. We particularly appreciate AdviceOne’s transparency, responsiveness, professionalism, and care. We are very pleased to be in partnership with the AdviceOne team."

- Jon Niemeyer, Executive, Engineering, Pratt & Whitney


     "AdviceOne guided my wife and I through our retirement planning process to achieve our retirement income goals. The advisors are deeply knowledgeable of UTC/Raytheon employee savings plan options and how to maximize said plans prior to retirement. We never regretted our decision to enable AdviceOne to manage our retirement funds."

- Mike Ehrlich, retired, Aero-thermo fluids, Pratt & Whitney


     "With expert guidance from advisor Carlos Henriques, my wife and I were able to confidently reach our goal of retiring at 62. Since retiring, Carlos and his team at AdviceOne have helped us navigate all our financial decisions to ensure we maintain a comfortable lifestyle. We trust that Carlos has our best interests in mind and are grateful for his support. Working with AdviceOne was one of the best decisions we ever made."

- David Erasmus, retired, Operations, Pratt & Whitney

These are testimonials by clients of AdviceOne Advisory Services, LLC.
AdviceOne has not provided any direct or indirect compensation for these testimonials.