FAQs for Clients


I'd like to talk to my advisor. 

Please call or email your Client Liaison, who will work diligently until your questions are answered to your satisfaction. If you would still like to speak with your advisor, your Client Liaison will schedule a phone appointment for you - a specific time for your advisor to call you so you can both plan accordingly.


Which website should I access for account information?

Black Diamond: This website shows information for your AdviceOne brokerage accounts and any other accounts you wish to link. From Black Diamond, you can view current account balances, transactions within your account(s), as well as access statements, tax documents, etc. This website also allows you to run reports similar to those shown in your meetings with your advisor. Black Diamond allows you to see all of your accounts (including accounts that have been linked to your account access) within one report, run reports from different time periods and see the returns of each position within your accounts. Black Diamond shows information that is generally on a 1-2 day lag to allow downloads from other resources.


How can I link my other accounts to Black Diamond?

In Black Diamond, you can add accounts by selecting the My Accounts tab and then Add in the right hand corner. Once selected, you will be prompted to answer information which will allow you to add that account. Make sure to finish all the steps when adding an account; if not completed correctly, there will show an issue linking that account and the account cannot be added again until it is deleted from the system. Please contact your Client Liaison for further assistance.


How can I go paperless?

You can enroll in paperless delivery notifications for account statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses and shareholder reports. Please contact a Client Liaison for assistance.


What do I do if I lock myself out of the Black Diamond website?

Black Diamond: If you misplace your password, you can reset it by selecting the “Trouble logging in?” link on the login in page. It will ask if you forgot your password or locked your account. Select whichever option occurred and then it will send a link to the email address on file to reset.


What if I can't remember my Egnyte password to open encrypted email attachments?

Please call your Client Liaison so that we may verbally confirm your identity and provide you with your password.


How do I take a distribution from my account?

If you would like to take a distribution from your AdviceOne account, please contact your Client Liaison Team for verbal confirmation of your request. Your Client Liaison Team will discuss your specific distribution details.


How long will it take to receive my distribution from my AdviceOne account?

Once we confirm your distribution request, trades take approximately 3 business days to settle. Once trades settle, the distribution can be sent electronically to your bank account on file within 48 hours. Our custodian can also mail a check to your address on record which generally takes about 7 to 10 business days to arrive. For other options, please contact your Client Liaison Team.


I'm about to turn 73.5. How do I handle my Required Minimum Distribution?

For all of our clients over the age of 73.5, we keep track of distributions and set you up on a periodic distribution plan. If you hold accounts with another firm and take a distribution, please notify us so we may update our records. If you are concerned that you have not satisfied your current year total required distributions, please notify us by December 1 so that we can expedite your withdrawal for the current year.


How do I make a check payable to be invested into my brokerage account?

Checks should be made payable to Charles Schwab & Co. for AdviceOne brokerage account deposits. However, your investment may be held directly by a mutual fund company or annuity company. If you are unsure, please contact your Client Liaison Team. Due to the USA Patriot Act, we are unable to accept bank checks or cashier’s checks, only personal checks. Please mail all checks to AdviceOne for processing (100 Western Boulevard, Glastonbury, CT 06033).


What is AdviceOne's role as a Fiduciary?

Our role as your fiduciary means we must always put the interests of our clients before the interests of AdviceOne. The advice will always be in your best interest.


What if my address changes?                                      

Please email us and we will update your records. We will create and send you paperwork to return to us.                                             


What if something happens to my advisor?

Each of our advisors has a written succession plan within AdviceOne. If something were to happen to your advisor, we have a structured continuity plan in place to ensure that you would receive seamless advice, allowing you to become comfortable with your new advisor. To that end, you will notice that at some of your appointments, there are multiple advisors in the room. Through our use of debriefers, AdviceOne is keenly aware of the advice your advisor is giving you. From retirement analysis through Net Present Value income calculations, through the design of personalized Asset Allocations, down to the actual investments themselves, all of the advice at AdviceOne is uniform and conforms to our highest standards.